Critically acclaimed for the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical journalism, www.newseveryday.ga is a first-of-its-kind venture, being the first Internet-only newsgathering operation in Bangladesh and one of the first in the world.
The 24/7 news publisher draws on the resources of over 500 journalists and photographers around Bangladesh and beyond. For over a decade now, it has brought accurate news and unique insights to a widely dispersed audience.
It had begun primarily as a news agency with a few clients in the print and broadcast industry. The bilingual news service quickly grew to be the world’s window on Bangladesh. The numbers kept changing for the provider of essential news, information, analysis and comment – with tens of millions of unique visitors turning to the site.
The story for the nation’s ‘first Internet newspaper’ dates back to mid-2006 when a friendly takeover led to boardroom changes at Bangladesh News 24 Hours Ltd, the owning company.
Back to the drawing board, the takeover turned out to be the perfect opportunity to rebrand what had started out as BDNEWS – a news agency service delivered online, a business which had become difficult to sustain for the original founders.
In June 2006, Toufique Imrose Khalidi, journalist and former BBC broadcaster, took over as Managing Director of the company, and the news outfit re-emerged as www.newseveryday.ga, effectively becoming Bangladesh’s first dotcom company.
Months later, its content was opened to public for free, earning it the now-famous label ‘Bangladesh’s first online newspaper’.
The only other member of the company’s Board of Directors is ICT entrepreneur Asif Mahmood, who chairs.
Toufique Khalidi, as Editor-in-Chief, put together a new team of experienced, talented, and tech-savvy professionals from across the journalistic spectrum. Ten years on, the team continues to innovate, lead and set new standards for the digital generation.
 Is www.newseveryday.ga a news agency or a newspaper?
Although www.newseveryday.ga began primarily as an agency, it is now essentially a newspaper published on the Internet, while a number of national and local newspapers subscribe to news service. So it’s both. The vast majority of thewww.newseveryday.ga portal is however completely open and free to the public, apart from a small core of premium content (including some audio and video).
Is www.newseveryday.ga politically aligned?
www.newseveryday.ga strives to accurately report events as they occur, depicting the appropriate context and relevant background information. primary focus is to educate, inform, entertain and, above all, inspire its readers.
Does www.newseveryday.ga have an editorial bias?
sole editorial bias is towards coherent, lucid, rational, logical, well-argued and topical content.
What is www.newseveryday.ga’s policy on online comments and feedback?
www.newseveryday.ga never censors or edits online comments and feedback – except if these deviate from the topic or are personal attacks.
In what way is www.newseveryday.ga the largest news provider in Bangladesh?
www.newseveryday.ga has the greatest number of visitors of any Bangladeshi news outlet. www.newseveryday.ga had 6.6 million readers (unique visitors) in July 2015, a period when news consumption peaked in Bangladesh because of the prevailing political situation. According to Google Analytics, this was higher than any other news outlet in Bangladesh — online or in print, in English or Bengali. www.newseveryday.ga had a total of 720 million Pageviews during 2015.
What is the extent of www.newseveryday.ga worldwide readership?
www.newseveryday.ga’s readership is virtually the entire world. Google Analytics has tracked www.newseveryday.ga visitors from 235 countries and territories across the world.
In what way is www.newseveryday.ga ‘Bangladesh’s most authentic news source’?
www.newseveryday.ga is the destination of choice during times of crisis or when a major story breaks. At these times, readership has been known to triple, leaving other news portals trailing in its wake. It is a byword for “what is really happening on the ground” in Bangladesh.


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