Monday, February 18, 2019

‘I’m still the Universe Boss’ – Gayle wants fairy-tale finish at World Cup

West Indies incredible Chris Gayle, known for his capacity hitting capacities has said that he will resign from ODI cricket after the World Cup in England yet needs to make a dramatic exit by winning the competition.

Gayle, who is coming back to the side with the three ODIs against England, said that the adolescents in the group owe him a World Cup.

"Winning the World Cup would be a fantasy complete," he was cited as saying by Wisden. "The adolescents owe it to me to win. They need to do that for me and attempt and get me the trophy. I'll be hoping to put my contribution to also."

The West Indies ODI side has not discovered a strong lineup with couple of players going all through the group. Gayle likewise needed to do well in his home soil before considering it daily.

"This arrangement against England may be the last time individuals get the chance to see the 'Universe Boss' on nearby soil," he called attention to. "The last amusement I played in Barbados for Jamaica I got a hundred and it is pleasant to proceed the latest relevant point of interest and engage the home fans however much as could reasonably be expected. Toward the day's end, everyone ought to be upbeat and appreciate the diversion."

He repeated that he will keep on being oneself declared 'Universe Boss' even after retirement.

"You're taking a gander at an incredible man," he kept up. "I'm the best player on the planet. Obviously, I'm as yet the 'Universe Boss'. That will never show signs of change. I'll take that to the grave. I'm hoping to adhere to a meaningful boundary after the World Cup.

"Or on the other hand would it be a good idea for me to state cut the string? Unquestionably, in 50-over cricket, the World Cup is the end for me. I'll give the youths a chance to have some good times and I can sit back in the gathering stand and watch."


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